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Struts Training In Bangalore


Struts Training Institute in Bangalore

Struts Training In Bangalore

Struts Course Content

Module 1 : Introduction of Struts Training In Bangalore

• Enterprise
• Enterprise Application
• System logical layers
o Presentation layer
o Business processing layer
o Data Storage and access layer
• System Architecture
o 1-tier Architecture
o 2-tier Architecture
o n-tier Architecture
• Types of EnterpriseApplications
o Web Applications
o Distribute Applications
• WebApplication Models
o Model1-Architecture
o Model2-Architecture
• MVC Architecture& its Rules & Regulations
• FrameWork
o Web Framework
o Application Framework
• Struts Framework History
Struts Flow of Execution

Module 2 : Struts Elements

• View
• ActionServlet
• RequestProcessor
• FormBean(ActionForm)
• Action class
• Struts Configuration File

Module 3 : Struts Tag Library

• Html Tag library
• Bean Tag library
• Logic Tag library

Module 4 : Validations

• Client Side Validations
o Programmatic Approach
o Declarative Approach
(Validator Framework)
• Server Side Validations
o Programmatic Approach
o Declarative Approach
(Validator Framework)

Module 5 : Internationalization(I18N)

• I18N at Core level
o NumberFormat
o DateFormat
o ResourceBundle
• I18N at Weblevel(Server &Jsp)
o JSTL format tags
• I18N in Struts

Module 6 : Exception Handling in Struts

• Programmatic Approach
• Declarative Approach
• Custom Exceptions in Struts
• Customization on ExceptionHandler
Tiles Frame work

Module 7 : Built-in Actions in Struts

• IncludeAction
• ForwardAction
• LocaleAction
• DispatchAction
• LookupDispatchAction
• MappingDispatchAction
• EventDispatchAction
• SwitchAction

Module 8 : Struts 2.x

• Diff b/w Struts 1.x and Struts 2.x
• Struts 2.x Flow of Execution
• Struts 2.X Elements
Steps to design Struts Appl. In 2.x

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