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About this Blockchain course


Blockchain is associate rising technology set to disrupt most major industries by dynamical however transactions square measure recorded and hold on. everybody from Fortune fifty firms to technical school entrepreneurs square measure gambling that this technology, still as sensible contracts and decentralized applications, can rework however we tend to use tools, services and apps within the returning years. This free course provides a foundational understanding of however blockchain works and the way firms attempt to harness its power.


Why learn blockchain?


With the assistance of billions of bucks in investments, blockchain technologies square measure aimed to drastically improve world processes like banking, IoT property, automation, and contract creation. there’s no higher time to begin learning regarding this technology.


What will I learn?


This Blockchain Training In Bangalore course can give you with a glance into the inner workings and mechanics of a blockchain by showing however thousands of applications square measure already victimisation the technology. By the tip of this course, you’ll understand:

• what a blockchain is
• different sorts of blockchain implementations
• applications of blockchain technology apart from cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs)
• principal options of blockchain technology and the way they’ll solve advanced issues
• why blockchain technology is taken into account therefore innovative as web technology


Training Outcome – Blockchain Training


This course covers the foremost vital blockchain principles in compact terms whereas additionally providing a comprehensive list of extra materials, resources, and tools that you just will reference afterwards.
Who is that this course for?
This free blockchain course is for anyone WHO is new the technology and searching to raised perceive its structure and applications. This includes developers, product managers, marketers, designers, students, and investors.


prerequistes – Blockchain Training in Bangalore 


We’ve additionally enclosed content aimed toward advanced blockchain developers and engineers WHO would love to find out a lot of regarding the trade and explore wherever it’s heading.

Unit 1 : Course Introduction

* Course Objectives Explained
* Course Structure

Unit 2 : Blockchain Foundations
* What is Blockchain Exactly
* Compare Public, Consortium & Private Blockchain
* Understand what are Smart Contracts

Unit 3 : Ethereum Basics

* Ethereum Ecosystem – DApps And DAOs
* What is Mist
* How Mist Works
* Understand Ether And Accounts Are
* How To Compile, Deploy And Instantiate Contracts
* Using The Go Ethereum Client
* Account Management And Mining
* The Different Phases Of Contract Deployment
* Interacting With A Deployed Contract
* Setting up a Private Network
* Assignment #1 – Implement Basic Example using Ethereum

Unit 4 : Understanding Solidity

* Explaining The Sample DApp
* Contract Classes, Functions And Conditionals Explained
* Inheritance And Abstract Contracts
* Using Libraries
* Types, Arrays, Structs and Mappings
* Global Variables
* Debugging in Solidity
* Assignment #2 – Sample DApp

Unit 5 : Ethereum IDE, Web3 & Truffle

* Setting up Ethereum IDE & Truffle
* Communication Between Contracts and Websites
* Adapt Truffle And Ether Camp’s Default Behaviour
* Functional Tests In Ether Camp
* Functional Tests In Truffle
* Manually Test Contracts
* Web3 And Communication From HTML pages
* Integrate Web3 And Angular.js
* Assignment #3 – Using Ethereum IDE, Web3 & Truffle

Unit 6 : Implementation Of Web3 & Truffle

* Setting Up An Environment For Our App
* Test Cases For Our App
* Example Index Page
* Listing Users Transactions
* React To Events
* Assignment #4: Implementing Web3 & Truffle

Build Blockchain Projects Using Solidity

Unit 7 : Solidity Programming

* Exercise Overview
* Blockchain Nodes – Geth and the TestRPC
* initialize and configure our Private Network
* What is MIST and the Ethereum Wallet
* Combine MIST and our Private Network
* Troubleshooting Tips for Unix/Linux
* The Solidity IDE in the Browser
* Mine some Ether – Assignment
* Deploy Your First Application

Unit 8 : How The Blockchain Operates

* Types Of Blockchains
* Use Cases For Blockchain Technology
* Ethereum Blockchain’s Power

Unit 9 : Smart Contracts Operation

* What are Smart Contracts
* Example Of Cryptocurrency Contract Code
* Pros And Cons Of Smart Contract Technology
* Differences Between Accounts And Contract Wallets

Unit 10 : Working With Ethereum Core Development Tools

* How Mist, DApps, And Accounts Work
* Using The Go Ethereum Client
* How You Compile, Deploy And Instantiate Contracts
* Ethereum TestRPC And The Truffle Development Framework
* Using Ethereum Studio In The Cloud
* Oraclize And The Ethereum Naming Service

Unit 11 : Next Steps

* Different Phases Of Contract Deployment
* Interacting with a Deployed Contract
* Setting up a Private Network
* The Genesis Json File

Unit 13 : Explaining The Structure Of A Solidity Contract Step-By-Step

* Hands-On Example Using Solidity
* Solidity Source File Layout
* Understand Constructor, Basic Setters, And Getters
* Testing Contract In Remix
* Global Msg Object And Payable Keyword
* Add Modifiers and Implement a Method to Kill Our Contract
* Inheritance And Importing Other Contracts From Github
* Create A Real Wallet With Example Contract
* Add Our First Event
* Assignment : Explain The Structure Of A Solidity Contract Step-By-Step

Unit 12 : Understanding Decentralisation At A Deeper Level

* Introduction To Decentralisation
* The Positives Uses Of Decentralisation

Unit 14 : Understanding How To Use Web3 With The App We’re Launching

* Communicating Between Contracts And Websites
* Web3 In Vanilla Javascript
* Interacting With A Contract In Web3
* Send Transactions And Call Non-Constant Functions
* Write, Compile And Deploy Contracts Using Web3
* Events And Filters In Web3
* Assignment : Using Web3 With The App

Unit 15 : Advanced Development With Truffle And Ethereum Studio

* Truffle, Ethereumjs, Testing, Debugging And Ethereum Studio
* Installing Truffle
* Different Versions
* The Truffle Directory Structure
* Implement Our Shared Wallet
* The Famous Multi-Signature Wallet Implemented In Mist
* Test Your Distributed Application With Truffle
* Advanced Development With Truffle And Ethereum Studio
* Front-End Ready With WebPack And Truffle
* Advanced Development With Truffle And Ethereum Studio
* Using The Ethereum Studio Debugger Effectively
* What Ethereum Studio Can Do For You
* Final Assignment – Ethereum Blockchain Curriculum Vitae
* Wrapping Up

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