Significance of big data in this era

Big data is a problem statement that includes capturing large amount of data accompanied by other important aspects such as curation and storage of data followed by searching, sharing, transferring , analyzing and visualizing a large amount of difficult and complex data sets using advanced data processing apps.


The significance and essentiality of this technology or style of analytics is something that one can behold in daily life examples such as the stock market trend analysis for determining optimal trades , the various online shopping websites which have millions of customer click stream user data per day to recommend products. The scope of big data analytics isn’t merely confined to one field but is applied immensely in various analytics. Big data analysts are on high demand all over the world and in our country because our world’s and lives progress at such a rapid and breath taking pace that startles all of us. Information keeps becoming obsolete every now and then and this is where a platform like big data analytics is quintessential.

Big data is a platform that hosts many budding and developing technologies that come up every now and then. It can be applied on any kind of data (structured or unstructured ) and this data is of great relevance in the process of decision making in an organization. Even the smallest bit of information may possess a great degree of veracity which assists one in the decision making process.

All the major firms and companies view big data analytics as the key to resolving complex problems and arriving at lucrative decisions which can benefit the organization in the long run and help them in profit maximization and sustainability. Therefore , Big data is the need of the era and holds the power to unlock unfathomable job opportunities and help you reach the pinnacle of success and prosperity in your career.v