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Search Engine Optimization Training Course


SEO Training In Bangalore

SEO Course Objectives


Understand the fundamentals of SEO Training : Google Hummingbird, Panda and Penguin Algorithms, Search Engine functionality, traffic, audience, keywords etc.
Maximize your marketing efforts: using the right On-page, Off-page and Local SEO techniques.
Learn how to optimize your content for the SEO Course : content planning, types of Search Engine Optimization rich content, primary, secondary and tertiary keywords, optimal keyword density etc.
Analyse and monitor your SEO efforts across platforms
Develop the business acumen to use SEO for gaining higher ROIs
Improve your brand visibility and credibility: get it to consistently rank higher up in the search results
Get a definitive edge over your competitors


SEO Training Benefits

A professional certificate from Numenechnology, a leading expert in full-service digital marketing services
Become a certified SEO expert
Learn from experienced, working SEO experts
Flexibility and cost-effective
Short duration

Prerequisites – Best SEO Course In Bangalore


Working marketing professionals
Brand managers
Business owners and CEOs
Web designers and developers
Anyone passionate about SEO, Online Business or Digital Marketing


Course Content – Search Engine Optimization

Module 1 : Understanding the fundamentals of SEO

Definition and functions of SEO
Understanding Search Engines: working principles, functions, SERP
Exploring Keywords: types of keywords, keywords mix, keyword density, keyword planner tool
All about Traffic: understanding what it means, types and importance
Testing Google Operator

Module 2 : On-Page SEO

Audience analysis and content planning
Listing appropriate keywords for individual content
Search engine optimizing the content: Meta tags, alt tags, anchor text
HTML Web page creation, website submission and verification
Social media plugins
Linking pages internally

Module 3 : Off-Page SEO

Understanding Domain Authority, Page Rank, Link Building
Learning how to increase page ranks, build links, and garner backlinks
Link building strategies: how to help your business to acquire links
Content Marketing: promoting your SEO rich content, scaling content to build links
Leveraging social media channels for content marketing and link building

Module 4 : Local SEO

Understanding local SEO
Learning advanced levels of local SEO: using Google Places for optimization and NAP
Learning all about classified submission, citation and H-card

Module 5 : Developing SEO content

Learning about the different types of keywords and how to use them in content
Dos and don’ts of keyword placement
Different types of content: descriptive articles, informative blog posts, analytical case studies, website content
Overview Content Management Systems, WordPress plugins

Module 6 : SEO Tools and Google Algorithms

Exploring various SEO tools
SEO monitoring: why it’s important and how to do it
Learning about Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, algorithms
Tricks, tips and tactics for effective SEO strategy and tackling Google algorithm updates

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