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Join Real Time Training for career growth in Numentechnology.

  • we provide an exhaustive list of our Live Projects.

  • we provide real time based on the IT industry demand

  • We give demo practice real time Projects for all the participants.

  • Real time projects based on AI,ML,Data science real time projects,Cloud computing,AWS,Web development,Robotics,Selenium,Digital marketing,Python,Devops,Azure, Tableau , java real time projects, php real time projects and on all the programming languages are provided with solutions.

Live Testing Project

This is a manual testing project for a Banking application. You will also test web service and learn the actual test process in a Corporate Environment.

Live Selenium Project

Create Selenium WebDriver Test Cases to automate a Banking application.Check your scripts against that created by our experts .

Live UFT Testing

Live coaching to make information Driven , Keyword Driven and Hybrid Framework.

API Testing with UFT. Getting test config files from an XML.

Live HP ALM Exercise

Installing ALM is a nightmare.

The installation has several per-requisites and also the computer code desires high config machines (minimum 16GB RAM!).

Execute ALM online

Live Security Testing

Learn to envision for SQL Injection, Brute Force, Directory Scanning, Upload Restrictions, Phishing.

Live PHP Project

Learn to create HTML, apply styles using CSS.

Perform validations mistreatment JavaScript, a way to produce and connect with a info, a way to use and code in PHP.

Live Scrum(Agile) Testing Project

Learn effort estimation in Sprint Planning, participate in Daily Standup Meetings, Sprint Retrospective, User Story Prioritization etc.

Live Selenium Ecommerce Project

How to create Webdriver Test Script for a Ecommerce application. How to properly comment a script. How to send emails using Webdriver.

Live Insurance Testing Project

The BFSI sector is the biggest consumer of IT services . It is very likely you will landup a project in Insurance domain. This project will take you through the steps to check an Insurance Application.

Live Mobile Testing Project

Mobile testing skills are very much in demand in IT industry. In this Live Project, you will automate an Android App using Appium.