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Best DevOps Training institute in Bangalore

DevOps Training in Bangalore


Overview – DevOps Training


DevOps on-line coaching can assist you gain the desired talent set for obtaining a DevOps Engineer job. it’ll cause you to skillful in DevOps skills like Continuous Integration, Delivery and preparation, Infrastructure as a Code and a lot of DevOps tools like unpleasant person, SVN, Docker, loader Swarm, Kubernetes, Puppet, Ansible, Selenium, Maven, Nagios, etc.


What will you learn during this DevOps training?


DevOps course has been designed keeping in mind the newest trade wants. you may be trained on the subsequent skillsets that are curated supported job descriptions denote by corporations trying to find DevOps Engineers. during this DevOps course, you may learn the subsequent aspects:


Training outcome – DevOps Training


Implementing software package Version management
Containerizing Code on production loader
Creating CI/CD Pipelines Jenkins
Configuration Management Puppet and Ansible
Automating build and take a look at atomic number 34 and hotshot
Container Orchestration Kubernetes
Performance standardisation and observance Nagios




IT Professionals
Software Testers
System Admins
Solution Architects
Security Engineers
Application Developers
Integration Specialists


Facts about the training


Basic data of UNIX system or scripting is nice to own. For this, we offer you with a free UNIX system self-paced course to assist speed up your learning.
Prior IT expertise would be necessary for learning this technology. How can you execute our sensible sessions? All our sensible sessions, case studies, and comes are going to be performed on the AWS Cloud. we are going to assist you got wind of your AWS Free Tier account once you enrol for the DevOps course.


Why must you take up this DevOps certification training?


The DevOps trade is anticipated to grow sixfold higher by the year 2022, in line with Gartner. The average annual remuneration of a DevOps engineer within the North American nation is $ 136,500, and in India it’s some government agency 666,232 (PayScale). Additionally, DevOps and Cloud jobs area unit progressing to be among the best paying jobs within the coming back years, in line with Forbes.


DevOps Training In Bangalore 

Course Content

Unit 1 : Linux Concept Review
* Basic Linux Conceptss
* Recognize major Linux distributions
* System configuration through GUI
* Basic command line operations
* Package Management

Unit 2 : Cloud Computing Review

* What is Cloud Computing?
* Understanding AWS – High Level
* Cloud and DevOps
* Server Provisioning
* Installing DevOps Tools on the Cloud

Unit 3 : Introduction to DevOps

* Definition Of DevOps
* Why is DevOps is Needed?
* How is DevOps different from traditional IT
* Where is DevOps used?
* Value
* History
* Building blocks Of DevOps
* Agile vs DevOps
* Source control in DevOps
* Automation applied to DevOps

Unit 4 : DevOps Concepts

* Application Servers and Deployment
* Web Servers
* Cloud Computing
* Virtualization
* Containerization
* Monitoring
* Alerting
* Trending
* Configuration Management
* Test and Build System

Unit 5 : Who is a DevOps Engineer?

* Who is a DevOps Engineer?
* Roles, Responsibilities, and Skills of a DevOps Engineer
* How much does DevOps engineer make?
* DevOps Certification Training
* What is the future of DevOps?

Unit 6 : DevOps Lifecycle

* DevOps Principles
* DevOps Automation Tools
* What and why of Devops
* Devops Tools
* DevOps Work Flow
* Source Control Management
* Continuous Integration
* Static Code Analysis Tool
* Storage Artifacts
* Continuous Deployment
* Containerization
* Configuration Management

Unit 7 : Choosing the right DevOps tools

* Tools For Planning
* Tools For Building
* Tools For CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment)
* Tools For Deployment
* Tools For Operations
* Tools For Monitoring And Continuous feedback

Unit 8 : Version Control With Git

* SCM demo
* Working With Github
* Build Application From Git Repo
* Deploy jar file Manually

Unit 9 : CI/CD Pipeline with Git/Maven/Jenkins

* Understanding Jenkins
* Deploy Jenkins on server
* Continuous Integration setup – Jenkins and Github
* Code Packaging automation
* Maven Automation
* Compile and Package (.jar) using Jenkins
* Continuous Deployment
* Add slave nodes to Jenkins
* Automate deployment of jar file to server
* Building Pipeline scripts and stages in SDLC

Unit 10 : Configuration Management With Chef

* Infrastructure-As-A-Code
* Chef–Overview
* Chef Components
* Installation and configuration
* Create Cookbooks and Recipes

Unit 11 : Test Automation

* Types of Testing
* Automation Tools
* Unit Testing Automation
* Functional Testing Automation
* Performance Testing Automation
* Load Testing Automation
* Security Testing Automation
* Accessibility Testing Automation
* Production Monitoring Automation

Unit 12 : Containerization with Docker

* Virtualization Basics
* Introduction to Containerization
* Understanding Docker
* Comparing Containerization and Virtualization
* Installing Docker
* Docker Images
* Docker Networking
* Docker Volumes

Unit 13 : Continuous Monitoring – Infrastructure
* Infrastructure Monitoring
* Tools Review : Nagios, Zabbix, Sensu, Prometheus, SysDig and New Relic

Unit 14 : Continuous Monitoring – Cloud
* Cloud Monitoring
* Tools Review : AWS CloudWatch and Google StackDriver

Unit 15 : Continuous Monitoring – APM
* Application Performance Monitoring (APM)
* Tools Review : New Relic, AppDynamics, Compuware APM and Boundary

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