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Advanced Excel Training Institute In Bangalore


Overview -Advanced Excel Course

* Advanced excel training in Bangalore course provides skills and knowledge in advanced concepts and techniques including enhanced formatting, charting and worksheet operation
* You will also learn the use of complex analytical and automation tools


Pre-Requisites- Advanced Excel Training

* Students should have the good understanding of Microsoft Excel basics


Training Objectives- Advanced excel Course

* Learn how to format sheets and charts professionally
* Learn new keyboard shortcuts
* Understand advanced Excel functions
* Understand how to use a range of formula techniques
* Understand how to use a range of lookup and reference functions
* How to apply conditional formatting to ranges in a worksheet
* Learn to use a range of techniques to work with worksheets
* Understand and create simple PivotTable reports
* Create and edit a PivotChart
* Create summaries in your spreadsheets using subtotals
* Create recorded macros in Excel

Advanced Excel Training In Bangalore

Course Content

Unit 1 : Grouping & Outlining and Subtotals

* Grouping & Outlining and Subtotals
* Outlining and Grouping Data
* Using the Subtotals Tool

Unit 2 : What-if Analysis

* What-if Analysis
* Using the Scenario Manager
* Creating and editing scenarios
* Creating a Scenario Report
* Using Goal Seek

Unit 3 : Data Tables

* Data Tables
* The single-variable data table
* The two-variable data table
* Adding conditional formatting

Unit 4 : Working with Outlines

* Working with Outlines
* Applying an outline
* Automatic outlining
* Displaying and collapsing levels
* Modifying outline settings
* Creating subtotals

Unit 5 : Analysing Data with Pivot Tables

* Analysing Data with Pivot Tables
* Creating a pivot table
* Defining the source range
* Inserting. moving and deleting fields
* Showing and hiding fields
* Grouping and ungrouping fields
* Renaming fields
* Defining field properties
* Formatting a pivot table
* Refreshing a pivot table
* Drilling down

Unit 6 : Creating HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP Functions

* Creating HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP Functions
* Using the VLOOKUP Function
* Using the LOOKUP Function

Unit 7 : Excel Macros

* Excel Macros
* About macros and VBA
* Macro security
* Recording macros
* Running a Macro
* Absolute and relative references
* Saving and distributing macros
* Assigning a macro to a button
* Editing macro code
* Automatic macros

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