Demand For DevOps Engineers

The stiff competition between the various IT organizations has raised the emergence of creating an equilibrium between the agility and responsiveness of the organization and also a stability in the infrastructure. To achieve these ends , various devops practices can be used to make this task accomplishable. In order to reduce the failure rates , companies have adopted devops practices and are in the hunt for hiring people with such expertise.

The devops salary report gathered from puppet labs is an evidence of the scope that this skill possesses. The ratio of the salary earned (range of salary being 1L dollars/year) of devops engineers to IT professionals is 58 to 47.This clearly indicates that more number of devops engineers are paid higher when compared to IT Professionals.

Organizations are adopting devops practices because they want better quality, faster delivery and collaboration. They believe that people with this skill set can make an IT firm stronger and give them an upper hand against their competitors. The future of IT lies in inculcating devops within an IT framework and employing more and more Devops engineers in order to enhance profit maximization and sustainability of an organization .People with this specialization are required in almost every sector, be it financial services ,insurance, telecommunication, retail manufacturing ,transportation or healthcare. The diligence underlying the principles and practices of devops is what makes it the most sought for skill in this era and majority of the IT organizations presume that the balance in the organization can be restored by the devops engineers because of their ability to focus on intricate problems and solve them and also bring the whole organization under one umbrella. Therefore this is a golden career path for anyone aspiring a tremendous and positive career graph with more crests and less troughs.