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Search Engine Marketing Training


Course Objectives


The Certificate Course in Search Engine Marketing participants you to:


  • Get advanced knowledge and hands-on expertise in SEM Course
  • Learn how to use SEM for lead generation and brand building.
  • Learn how to create customized, tactful search campaign for your businesses.
  • Dwell deep into core SEM concepts like Google AdWords certificate training, AdWords, Algorithms, Click-Through Rates (CTR), writing and placing SEM ads, different types of bidding, SEM keywords, optimizing a brand’s search and display ad campaigns, Remarketing etc.
  • Understand Google Analytics, learn to measure and monitor SEM campaign effectiveness, traffic density, conversion rates.


Who should take this course?


  • Business owners wanting to leverage SEM as a digital marketing tool
  • Working professionals in SEO and SEM
  • Digital marketers, brand manager and business marketing heads who want to update yourself with the latest online marketing skills
  • Students, fresh grads wanting to break into digital/online marketing field

 Course content

Module 1 : Fundamentals of Search Engine Marketing

  • Why, how and what of Search Engine Marketing
  • Business benefits of Search Engine Marketing

Module 2 : Google Ad Words

  • AdWords and PPC advertising: introduction, setting up an account, Microsoft AdCenter,
  • Learning about different types of ad campaigns, ad groups, ad keywords
  • Mastering AdWords Algorithms: the process, ad ranks, bidding, CTR and quality score
  • Features of a search campaign: location targeting, level settings, dynamic and other features
  • Bidding strategies: types, advantages and ways
  • Examining Ad extensions and ad groups
  • Learning how to plan and implement ad keywords use: keyword planner tool
  • How to create effective SEM ad campaigns

Module 3 : SEM monitoring and metrics

  • Learning how to optimize the search campaigns
  • Measuring conversion rates and CTRs
  • Detecting spam clicks
  • Monitoring keyword performance

Module 4 : Crating effective display search campaigns

  • Understanding the types of display campaigns, campaign setting
  • Learning how to do: ad scheduling, ad delivery, ad placement, ad grouping Tools and techniques of: display planner, ad placement, ad text development

Module 5 : Remarketing

  • What and Why of Remarketing
  • Advanced techniques of remarketing: campaign setting and list creation

Module 6 : Mastering Google Analytics

  • Starting with the basics: how Google analytics works, Google analytics account
  • How to set goals and understanding Google Analytics insights
  • Learn all about bounce rates, exit rates and how to reduce them
  • Advanced training: Funnel, Link Tagging, Filters and Segments
  • Monitoring SEM campaigns using Google Analytics
  • Understanding reports

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